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Enterprise Social Media – share thoughts, ideas, collaborate as a team.

VNCcast is an enterprise social media tool which contains topic and activity streams to share topics, ideas and to collaborate as a team.

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Goodbye e-mail CC. Team collaboration can be efficient and fun, now.

Are you annoyed with sending and receiving emails with dozens of people on CC? Are you annoyed with not being allowed to send emails to someone, even if you think the message is important?

With VNCcast – the Social Enterprise tool – email is history.
Share your ideas with subscribers within certain topics. Post your ideas and comments to „topic“ streams. Activate the crowd intelligence of your network.

Get more information and the full feature list on VNClagoon.

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Web Browser only

Multi Server Setup


Always visible and available wihtin VNCportal



Topic Streams

Predefined areas

Internal and Public Topics


Versioning and History

Email Notification


Comments & Discussions

       Cast Filter



Like / Dislike Rating


Different item actions

add File, add cloud object, adressing people, add persons, Clock, bell, add message link


Personal Site / User Profile


Flexible Dashboard


Address people/ groups with @/#




Add files from any device


Share/Retract content from date-time

File sharing, adressing people/groups


Limit messages/content to users

Link users with certain parameters

One click away:

Posting new messages, links, references, attachments...

Power Search

Fulltext indexing, OCR - Text Recognition

Nested Groups


Multiple Group Membership