VNCcrm for Zimbra (team user)

VNCcrm for Zimbra (team user)

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VNCcrm for Zimbra

More than a Zimlet – a strong CRM directly within your Zimbra mailbox.

VNCcrm (team user) provides CRM functionalities directly within the VNCmail environment and enables multi-user companies to share the CRM activities between users. With VNCcrm (team user) it is possible to collaborate with team members within the CRM system, due to the possibility of this version to have access to CRM entries of other colleagues.

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Easy to use

VNCcrm for Zimbra has been developed to provide strong CRM functionalities directly within your Zimbra environment. It supports single user access as well as multi-user environments to facilitate synchronization among contacts, calendars, tasks and other items, thus helping SMBs to work efficiently and productively.

VNCcrm for Zimbra is more than just a Zimlet. It is a full-fledged CRM solution. From the CRM interface you can easily track leads and opportunities. Also, you can use VNCcrm to manage all communication related to particular leads and opportunities, with prospects, clients and partners. VNCcrm provides full integration with your Zimbra address book, tasks and calendar for simple yet effective lead and opportunity management.

Easy to manage

Your team leaders can easily generate reports to analyze work progress – thus making decisions, sales processes and deal closing faster and more efficient. VNCcrm for Zimbra does not require an external CRM application to work but provides all CRM functionality right within Zimbra. Administrators can manage master data for all clients/users and easily customize the CRM fields from the Zimbra admin UI.

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Standard Features


Create leads and opportunities

from almost any info: Leads & opportunities can be created from appointments, emails, tasks and address book entries.

One click create a lead from an email

Quick Search Facility

among contacts, calendars & tasks


Team User Features


Lead & Opportunity Sharing


Collaboration with team members

within the CRM system


Access to CRM entries of colleagues


among contacts, calendars & tasks


and Email type view for Leads & Opportunities

CRM functionalities

Communication Integration


Multi-user environments





Master data management

using Zimbra Admin UI & easy Admin Interface: The Admin UI makes management and administration easier and faster.

Watcher functionality

Users can watch without editing permissions

Reporting tool with advanced filters

Create detailed reports about your work to show success or to evaluate strategies to improve your sales activities