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Enterprise social collaboration at its best!

You want to manage any of your departments like Marketing, Sales, Manufacturing, Finance and Operations in one single place?

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VNCportal is a powerful Open Source based solution to manage and exchange information, it delivers enterprise social collaboration and social intranet at its best. It comes with an extremely easy to use file management with intelligent search and filtering features, with wikis, discussions and picture galleries. It also has streams to quickly scan, comment or share incoming information or data. VNCportal integrates seamlessly with VNCcast.

Get more information and the full feature list on VNClagoon.

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Portal and document management

Web Browser only

No further software to install on client side

Multi Server Setup




based on Plone; Framework Zope


Various content types

Images, Files, Pages, Blogs, Lists, Forms & Note Tools


Versioning and History



Email subscriptions on content

 Like / Dislike Rating

Comment function

News Streams

Content hierarchy

Content actions

copy, cut, delete, rename

 Restore deleted items

Bulk Actions

sharing, download



Personal Site / User Profile


Follow user or content

Power Search

Fulltext indexing, OCR - Text Recognition

Nested Groups

Single Sign on and authentication