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VNCsafe: right within Zimbra!

All the Dropbox Fun. Without the Dropbox Risks. 

Private and secure file sharing - on any device, any OS and stored on the server of your choice.

Integration is key

The VNCsafe Zimlet integrates your VNCsafe Private cloud (ownCloud) with VNCmail (Zimbra). The VNCsafe Zimlet allows users to archive / store secure email attachments and messages - or simply attach documents, images or media files to new messages or share them for common use. Moreover the VNCsafe Zimlet allows users to seamlessly integrate their VNCmail / Zimbra Collaboration Suite with the Open Source Cloud Storage service VNCsafe / ownCloud and enables users in general to work more efficiently.

Read more about VNCsafe on VNClagoon.

Our Customers (excerpt)

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Easy storage

Store received emails and attachments on your VNCsafe owncloud-server

Attach objects

from your VNCsafe owncloud server to outgoing emails

Sharing of content with team members

if required with termination date and password

Drag & Drop

items from or into your inbox


for the selection of individual or multiple objects

Folder creation & item renaming

in your owncloud inventory directly via Zimbra

Customer Review

The faculty and Graduate students in the have been using Zimbra Collaboration Server as the departmental email server for over 7 years. Recently, we brought up an OwnCloud server to act as the primary file server for the department.

Being a strong proponent of Open Source software and believing that the future of storage is not in the classic file sharing server limited to CIFS or SMB or NFS type of file sharing, OwnCloud was a logical choice to provide the storage we use in a way that will grow and adapt. Storage must encompass mobile devices, it must be secure, preferably lightweight and have syncing and be web enabled.

Zimbra and OwnCloud are two of the top open source solutions to fill these needs and the VNCsafe Zimlet is exactly what is needed to seamlessly tie together Zimbra and OwnCloud.
The VNCsafe zimlet ties together the two best pieces of an open source software solution for our Department, Zimbra and OwnCloud, the VNCsafe zimlet was the single missing piece between the two.

The ability to easily attach and save documents from each users OwnCloud storage space within the Zimbra mail web interface is a big increase in productivity and negates the need to pull documents down to local storage before attaching and sending via email. Not only does this reduce the traffic on the network, but reduces the size and maintenance of the user’s machine. We are now evaluating the possibility of providing terminal services to our users instead of stand alone desktop PC’s since Zimbra and OwnCloud are now completely web based with the addition of the VNCsafe zimlet.

Pat McMahon University of Delaware, Dept. of Chemistry and Biochemistry

System Requirements

  • Zimbra 7.x, 8.x 
  • OwnCloud 7, 8, 9
  • Nextcloud 11, 12

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